Friday, December 30, 2016

Browning Ground Beef - Beginner

Browning Ground Beef is something that many recipes call for.  It is very easy to do.

When buying ground beef for this take note of the fat content.   Regular ground beef has a 20% fat content.  Other things such as ground chuck, ground sirloin may have as little at 5% fat content.   Depending on what you are doing with the meat you may want more or less.  Remember fat adds flavor but you may not want to have it overpower the other parts of a dish.  If you are eating it by itself, you may not want to slickness of the fat to complicate the texture of the meat.

Time Needed:
        15 minutes

Ground BeefOlive Oil

Minced Onion

    1 lb ground beef. (the photo is of 3 lbs of ground beef. I was making for multiple meals)
    Salt  -  1 teaspoon
    Minced Onion
    Olive Oil - 1 tablespoon

    12-Inch Frying Pan 
    Wooden Spoon/Spatula 
    Paper Towel


1) Place your frying pan on the stove and turn up the heat to medium high

Frying Pan

2) Once the pan is hot add your tablespoon of oil.   Be careful in that it might splatter.  Now coat the pan with the oil by tilting the pan from side to side.   The idea is to coat the pan so the meat does not stick.   I chose Olive oil since it adds a little flavor.  You can use pretty much any oil remembering that the oil will add flavor.

3) Now add the meat.
Browning Ground Beef

4) Now add the salt and minced onion.

Browning Ground Beef

5) You now need to use your spoon to break up the meat into little pieces.  While you are doing this you want to turn the meat over and over so it cooks evenly and does not burn.  This is where experience really helps.   You may want to turn up to heat or down the heat so things cook best without burning.

If your stove is hot, cooking the meat will only take 5 minutes or so you need to keep stirring and pay attention.

Browning Ground Beef

6) Once all of the red is gone from the meat and it is nice and brown take the pan off of the heat.

Browning Ground Beef

7) You now want to transfer the meat to platter to keep the meat from soaking in the fat and keep from continuing to cook.  Put a couple of paper towels on the platter to soak up the fat that is still in the meat.  Use your spoon to transfer the meat from the pan to the platter.

8). You are done.

Ground Beef and Rice

In this case I served the browned ground beef over the rice we made earlier .   Very yummy and a very hearty meal.

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