Wednesday, December 7, 2016

About Confused Cooking

This blog is to help people get over being intimidated in the kitchen.  I notice that many people are just plain scared to cook anymore.  I guess they did not do it as a child and they have not had time to learn on their own.   Well this blog will help you.

Our motto is: Baking is science, Cooking is an art, and we are teaching finger painting.  

We are going to cook easy things.  Let you know what you need step by step and help you gain some confidence.  All of the posts will let you know up front if they are Beginner, Apprentice or Seasoned as far as the difficulty level.  

Now the food may not be overly healthy.  That can come later.  If you  can build up some experience and confidence with small things then you can go from there.

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